soleHUB - target

Our goal is to offer sneaker and streetwear fans the chance to purchase their favorite pieces with complete confidence that they are purchasing legitimate and authentic products. Whether you're looking for a limited edition product or the hottest trends on the market, you've come to the right place.

In most cases, the sneakers we offer are immediately sold out on the day of release in classic e-shops. Subsequently, they are sold on the secondary market (new and unworn) at higher prices - excess demand over supply.

Each sneaker or even the size may vary in price, depending on the limited number and demand of the product.


All products sold on soleHUB are authentic. It goes through a thorough inspection by our experts before it reaches your hands.

Every detail is carefully scrutinized to ensure that the product you receive is authentic and free of cosmetic defects and imperfections.

All goods are purchased directly from manufacturers and verified suppliers. In addition, each product goes through a strict authentication process.

Authentication process

We have a strict authentication process carried out by our experts. Before sending to you, the pair is examined from A to Z. This verification is based on several control stages:

Step 1: Check the box, size label and barcode.

Step 2: The overall look of the pair - shape, material and stitching.

Step 3: Checking the laces and all the accessories that should go with the sneaker.

Step 4: Odor control (counterfeit sneakers have a very strong odor)