Maintenance and care of footwear

Maintenance and care of footwear

  • Properly putting on sneakers
  • Caring for shoes starts with putting them on correctly. Always use a spoon for it , this way you will avoid chafing the heel from putting it on and taking it off incorrectly. For shoes with laces, we always untie them first, then put them on. After putting on the shoes, it is necessary to lace them tightly . We remove the shoes manually, no stepping on the heel with the other foot.

  • Impregnation
  • Proper shoe care is key to its longevity. Before wearing them for the first time, we recommend that you always wipe the shoes clean of dirt and impregnate them . However, the impregnation must be renewed because it loses its function after a certain period of time. The most important thing is the impregnation and its more frequent repetition in the cold months , when the footwear is exposed to more moisture and adverse weather than usual. We recommend Crep or Jason Markk brands for impregnation .

  • Changing shoes
  • When wearing shoes, it is important to change them, especially if they are exposed to a humid environment, so they need time to dry completely. After each use, it is essential to let the shoes thoroughly dry and ventilate. Even short wear causes the inside of the shoe to become wet due to sweating of the feet. We recommend purchasing several simple and well-combinable shoes . By rotating them regularly , you can ensure that they don't wear out as quickly as wearing the same sneakers every day.

  • Cleaning and drying of footwear
  • We never put the shoes in the washing machine or dryer , as this can destroy the adhesion of the materials and the construction of the entire shoe. It may then lose its original shape. Do not use alcohol or acetone for cleaning. It is also important to avoid drying the shoes near high heat , such as a heater, fireplace or other heat sources, as this can damage the material. It is advisable to remove dirt with a weak soapy solution , then dry it and impregnate it.

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